Excursions Sulina

Sulina excursions to the Black Sea and Sulina Beach

Wreck Turgut

It's a one-day trip, in which we'll enjoy everything that the Danube Delta has to offer!

Among the canals with water lilies we will explore the fauna and flora specific to these places.

If you like to observe every unique detail that nature offers you, if you like to look at the sky, then Trei Iezere Lake will surely be among your favorite places.

Graceful swans, seagulls and pelicans welcome you and open your way to new fairytale places!

Birdwatching, the Old Lighthouse, exit to the Black Sea and the Turgut Wreck

With your professional camera or phone, you can capture wonderful landscapes that you can keep as the most beautiful memories of the Danube Delta!

Sulina excursion route: Mile 23 - Northern Lakes - Sulina Arm - Marina Mile 0 Sulina - Old Lighthouse - Weather Station - New Lighthouse - Black Sea - Sulina Beach

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