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GuestHouse Paradise Delta House
Cuisine at our guesthouse is one exception, our kitchen staff is experienced in preparing specific recipes and deltaic North Dobrogea (traditonal recipes of Russian cuisine, Lipovan and specific Ukrainian Village Mile 23.)  
Tourists who want to eat other preparations certainly will also find in our products pork, beef, chicken and lamb.
We are using only natural ingredients, fresh fish both frome Village Mila 23 fished by the locals of this region , some of our preparation you can se them on the tv show Fishing and Hunting
We have three options for dining:
  • Daily menu full board (twelve o'clock and dinner)
  • Menu of the day half board (lunch or dinner, your choice)
  • Menu a la carte (made ??to order)
Lunch consists of: soup or soup and a dish (type 2). Bread, polenta, peppers, garlic sauce included depending on preparation served
Dinner consists of: starter, basic and dessert. Bread, polenta, peppers, garlic sauce included depending on preparation served.

Example of soup served at the daily menu

1.Fish soup.gastro4 The fish soup is made from at least 3 species of fish, catfish, pike and carp. Serve fish in the traditional way, first fish of the plateau soup (eaten with garlic sauce) and then soup. It seveste with polenta, garlic sauce, peppers. 2. Meatball fish soup  Meatball soup is made with minced fish meat, vegetables, the potatoes are seasoned with cream and egg. Patties dont have bones! 3. Ukrainian soup made frome catfish It is a traditional soup of the Delta, the Ukrainian side. The fish soup is filld with filet of catfish, with very few bones, vegetables and potatoes. Soup is seasoned with sour cream and egg. 4.  Borsch carp Borsch is a red soup of carp  (contain tomato or tomato juice) and the fish is carp fillet with very few bones. 5. Transylvanian chicken soup 6. Beef Soup 7. pork soup (traditional)


gastro2 Icre de crap
  • Carp eggs salad with onions
Rulada de peste
  • Fish roulade
Peste marinat si peste afumat
  • Smoked fish, marinated fish
Chiftelute de peste
  • Fish balls
Gujoane de peste
  •  Fish fingers
mancare paradise
  • Appetizer platter for 2 people: carp roe salad, gujoane sleep, marinated fish, smoked fish, cheese, olives, tomatoes
  • Appetizer platter for 2 people: pike roe salad, stuffed pike, smoked fish, frog legs, vegetables 
  Every guest will be delighted Dobrogea cuisine. Exotic by a harmonious combination of various cultures of the area, each with specificity culinary classics by naturalness and freshness, food from our kitchen will delight your senses.

Examples of basic dishes served in the House Menus


Scrumbie la gratar cu cartofi nature Grilled herring with boiled potatoes File de crap la gratar cu sos a la Grec si garnitura Carp fillet grilled with souce a la Grec  and garnish Medalion de somn la gratar cu sos alb de ciuperci Grilled catfish with mushrooms souce Piept de pui la gratar cu garnitura Grilled chicken breast with garnish Ceafa, cotlet de porc la gratar cu sos Tango si garnitura Grilled pork with souce Tango and garnish Calcan la gratar cu sos Bernez si garnitura Grilled turbot with souce Bernez and garnish Chefal la gratar cu sos Meuniere si garnitura Grilled  mullet with souce Meuniere and garnish


Peste prajit cu mamaliga si mujdei
Fried fish with polenta
saramura de peste cu mamaliguta
Local fish specialty with polenta
Plachie de peste cu mamaliguta
Fish with vegetable tomato souse
Peste pane  cu piure de cartofi
Fried fish with mashed potatoes
Chiftelute de peste cu sos de rosii
Fish balls  in tomato sauce
Malasolca (rasol de peste cu cartofi fierti in coaja si mujdei)
Boiled salted fish with boiled potatoes
Scordolea (peste sarat fiert cu piure de cartofi cu mujdei)
Saldet fish boiled and mashed potatoes with garlic
Tochitura de somn cu mamaliguta
Catfish stew with polenta
Pulpe de pui la ceaun + garnitura
Grilled boneless chicken legs
Snitel de pui + garnitura
Chicken schnitzel with garnis
Snitel porc  + garnitura
Pork schnitzel with garnish
Ficatei de pui la tigaie + garnitura
Fried chicken liver with garnish
Piept de pui cu ciuperci si smantana
Chicken breast with cream and mush

Specialties to order (minimum 120 min.

Crap cu sos de usturoi si mamaliguta  (Specialitatea bucatarului)

Carp with garlic souce and polenta ( house specialty)   Crap pescaresc cu mamaliguta Carp prepared in fisherman style with polenta   Crap pe pat de cartofi la cuptor carp with baked potatoes   Crap pe pat de varza cu mamaliguta carp on a bed of cabbage   Chefal la cuptor cu cartofi copti   Crap in crusta de sare la cuptor si garnitura Carp with salt baked and served with garnish 

Summer salad

  Salata de rosii si castraveti Tomato and cucumber salad Salata de muraturi Pickles salad Salata de varza  Cabbage salad Salata bulgareasca Bulgarian salad Salata de pui Chicken salad Salata de ton Tuna salad